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Why Ampya is the best

About Us

Our team was designed with massive growth in mind.  With the right people in the right places, we’ve been successful in growing just about any kind of Instagram account in very short periods of time.

Our Technology

Our networks are built to provide you with real Instagram followers that actually care about your content.  We have resources that other growth services simply do not, and that’s why we’re the best.

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Aside from the actual service delivery, our customer support team was hand picked to make sure that our representatives can and do provide you with the best service for your inquriy each and every time.

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Satisfaction is our number one priority! We stand behind our no questions asked 14-day action-based guarantee.  Our goal is to make sure you’re growing fast and with the right kind of followers.

World Class Customer Support

Rest easy knowing our top-notch support department is waiting to answer your questions or concerns at any second of the day to ensure you are not left behind and you are receiving the help you need.

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Nancy Madison
Real likes were sent! I’ve used many different websites but never had I seen actual real likes till I used this service by Ampya. recommended!
5 out of 5
Nancy Madison
Real likes were sent! I’ve used many different websites but never had I seen actual real likes till I used this service by Ampya. recommended!

5 out of 5
Nancy Madison
Real likes were sent! I’ve used many different websites but never had I seen actual real likes till I used this service by Ampya. recommended!

5 out of 5

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Moderate Growth

$99 $49/mo

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Real Likes



Real Likes


Buy Real Instagram Followers

Growing your Instagram follower count can be tough. If you’re looking to expand your Instagram presence for better marketing results, more lead generation, creating a loyal fan base, or for generating more exposure for your endeavor, you should be well aware that it’s a huge time commitment to do this on your own.
It takes hours of logged screen time trying to identify your target audience and engage with them one by one, which may even cut into the time you have available for content creation, hashtag strategy, captioning, and everyday tasks for your brand or business.
Don’t let your content and product quality suffer— you can use Ampya to buy real Instagram followers and optimize your Instagram growth, reclaiming your time and focusing on the things that matter.
With the advanced technology available today, you should absolutely take advantage of the Instagram growth tools that Ampya provides to create a more effective workflow and continue your Instagram follower growth without distracting from the key tasks that need completion.
Ampya offers you the opportunity to gain exponentially more exposure for your Instagram account, reaching your target audience and expanding your follower count as well as engagements.

Buy Real Instagram Followers

If you want to have a reputable presence on Instagram that can truly help you with your business efforts, it’s vital that you have real Instagram followers. The option to buy Instagram followers became very popular years ago, but many of these were simply fakes, and people started to catch on.
Sure, maybe you have 100k Instagram followers, which at first glance looks incredible. Then, someone clicks on one of your posts, and sees that you have 15 likes. Well, for an account that has 100k Instagram followers, either your content is completely terrible, or you have a bunch of fakes.
This will significantly harm your reputation, which is why it’s vital to buy real Instagram followers. After all, fake Instagram followers won’t view your content, they won’t like or comment on your posts, they won’t recommend you or share your content with friends, and they definitely won’t become a client.
Instagram also performs regular speeps of the platform, wiping away all of the fake and bot accounts to enhance the user experience. When you buy fake Instagram followers and they are delivered to your account, they’re likely to fall off very quickly after you buy them, wasting your investment.
That means if you buy real Instagram followers, you won’t have to worry about losing the followers for this reason. Continue to put out great content that engages your following, and you’ll see real, long-term Instagram growth that will make your account more successful.

Benefits of Buying Real Instagram Followers

So, it’s clear that you need to buy real Instagram followers if you want to truly build your reputation and reach your Instagram goals. But what are the real benefits that you can expect to see?
Here are four of the main benefits that you will enjoy after you buy real Instagram followers from Ampya:

More Reach

When you buy real Instagram followers, your content will be seen by more people on a regular basis, which works in your favor in terms of the Instagram algorithm. This will help you to get your content more reach and impressions, working towards your goal of expanding your audience in the long-term.

Social Proof and Engagement

Social proof is the concept that when something is popular and beloved by others, more people are likely to support it to become part of the group. This is a driving factor on social media. When you think about it, which account are you likely to support, one that has 1,000 followers or one that has 10,000 followers with a lot of likes and comments on posts? Having more social proof keeps your account growing and boosts engagement, which is what you can achieve when you buy real Instagram followers with Ampya.

Reach Your Goals

As mentioned earlier, fake followers can’t support you, like your content, or buy your products. You can generate real results on Instagram when you buy Instagram followers, no matter what your Instagram goals are. You can sell more products using shoppable posts, generate interest in your creative endeavor, get new clients to visit your business, and much more.

Build Your Reputation

A strong reputation on Instagram will help you to boost your brand or business’s credibility and give you authority in your niche or Industry. Because Instagram is so popular for marketing and communicating with businesses, it’s vital that you establish yourself on the platform. You can build your reputation when you buy real Instagram followers, and Ampya is ready to put your targeting instructions to good use and get your content in front of people who will support you and trust you, growing your account in the long term.

Can You Actually Buy Real Instagram Followers?

There are many companies out there that present you with the supposed opportunity to buy real Instagram followers. Many of these companies simply sell bulk follower packages that will be delivered to your account; these types of follower packages can’t get you real Instagram followers.
Working with an organic growth service like Ampya is the safest way to buy real Instagram followers because we work with your specific targeting instructions to interact with the right Instagram users, growing your follower count in a natural and organic way.
This means your content will be seen by real people who care about your content, and you will be able to enjoy a higher follower count that also generates engagement, reach, as well as opportunity to generate leads, boost revenue, and build a loyal following.
Instagram growth is tough with the high volume of competition out there today, so it’s great to be able to delegate your Instagram growth to a trusted tool that cares about your success and reputation.
Don’t wait to get more real Instagram followers, and don’t sacrifice your workflow to try and do it yourself. Buy real Instagram followers from Ampya and reap the results of a targeted audience base!